For children 0-4 years old

Classes are held in 8 week sessions - $135

Wednesday 10:00-10:45a.m.
First Class Begins September 5th​​

Zumbini® is a child focused journey into the world of music, movement, dance and the natural response music provokes in both children and adults. A Zumbini class is a celebration of the power of music to enhance our lives.
What you can expect in our Zumbini® class:

- A 45 minute music and movement experience, which is developmentally appropriate for the age range of the class; every moment is a musical opportunity!

- Designed for children 0-4 with a caregiver (mom, dad, grandma, aunt, sitter).

- Includes dancing, singing, and playing instruments

- Provides exposure to music and all its benefits

- A bonding experience for all involved, including caregiver to child, child-to-child, and caregiver-to caregiver

- Filled with fresh, contemporary ideas. The Zumbini® program stays responsive to current needs and trends of society.

- Focuses on energy, fun, and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

$135 for the 8 WEEK session includes:

- 1 child & 1 caregiver (add a second child for $68)

-  A Zumbini bundle of two CDs (one for home and one for on-the-go) of catchy, kid-friendly world rhythms and sing-along music from class, plus they can see each song come to life in TJ and His PJs, an illustrated 47-page songbook.

- Stuffed TJ.